What Is Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance or PM's are done to keep your equipment running at optimal manufacturer's standards. Even though PM's will not prevent all break downs,  it will extend the life of your equipment. PM's will keep you proactive instead of reactive, minimizing the break downs and down time. Which will increase your bottom line.

Scheduled PM's

 Scheduled Preventative Maintenance (PM's) will extend the life of your equipment and help with energy costs.  CCK Services will keep track of when your PM's are due to ensure they are done on time all the time. 

PM Contract Benefits

When you commit to use CCK Services for your PM needs. CCK Services will commit to you by:

1. Lower Labor Rates on all calls   

2. Give you 30% discount on parts

3. You will have priority over non-contract customers.

Little Known FAQs

1. 80% of all food poisoning comes from dirty Ice Machines. As well as Legionaries Disease.

2. A dirty Condensing coil not only increases energy usage, but can Destroy your compressor.

3. 90% of Landlords will not pay for major HVAC repairs unless you have a PM Contract in place. Check your Lease Agreement.  

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